Monday, December 24, 2007

What's worse than being single?

Q: What's worse than being single?
A: Being married to the wrong person or into the wrong family.

Madam A
You were an industrious woman, hardworking, a true african soldier. You left the shores on Naija to hussle for a greener pasture in the U.K, not for yourself alone, but for your husband and kids t have the good life. You washed dishes, washed toilets and did many many menial jobs to make ends meet, and the ends did meet. Your children went to the ebst schools in Naija, managed to buy a house in the U.K and even invited your husband over.

You husband! He saw how well you had done for yourself and began to devise a plot. He pushed you down the stairs of the house and you broke your spinal cord. He turned you into a vegetable so that he could inherit the house and all you had worked for. You didnt just become a vegetable, you became psychotic, and had to be kept in the hospital.

Your husband came to Naija, married another wife and threw lavish parties, he left you all alone.

Thank God for the association, they had an inkling what was happening and are now working on putting your husband behind bars.

Your mother Iya Olobi is now by your side taking care of you in the London hospital.

God sees all things and know all things.

Mr. T
You married late because you wanted to be comfortable enough to provide for your family. So you worked hard and made a small fortune for yourself and then got married to that lady who seemed to be all that. She gave you two lovely daughters. Those times were sweet, you lavished so much on her, bought her cars, built a house in her name and opened a store fr her. You did all these because you loved her. Then you got laid off at work and the fortune dwindled and eventually there was nothing left.

And then she changed. She started talking down at you, disrespecting you, keeping late nights and having strange men come over to pick her. You loved her so much, you begged her to change, to stand by you during the tough times, she tricked you into withdrwing your saving, all you had, so that you both could start a small business. She ran away with the money and dumped you and the girls.

You blamed yourself for being to gullible, how could this happen to you?

The times were hard. You struggled to keep the girls in school and hoped that fortune will again smile on you. And it did in a larger dimension. You got a better job and a bigger pay.

After 3 years f being gone, your wife returns claiming to be sorry and asking for forgiveness, but you know somewhere in your heart that it is another trick she is trying to pull off.

Everything is not as it seems.

Merry xmas Allied, 30+, Yankeenaijababe, orientatednaijababe, Pamelastitch, Mona and everyone. You guys have made blogville interesting for me.

Holla Back

Luv always!

Friday, December 7, 2007


The Bible speaks of a 'great woman' who lived in Shunem. God gave her a son when she couldn't have one. Then suddenly in his twenties he dies. So she picks him up, puts him on a horse and carries him back to Elisha, whom God had used to announce his birth in the first place. Imagine what her neighbours must have thought as she passed by. 'It's over, bury him!' But not her. She refused to stop and get the opinions of faithless people, or discuss her situation with those who were unqualified to help. Be careful who you open up to in a crisis! Make sure they know God and that their words line up with His. The warranty hasn't expired on the promises God gave you. This woman believed that if God started it, He could finish it. If He made it, He could fix it. And how does her story end? Elisha stretches his body out on top of the dead boy's body and his corpse gets warm. Now that's good, but this lad needs more than just warmth; he needs new life. So Elisha stretches out on top of him again. This time the boy sneezes seven times and comes to life. What's the lesson here for you? No matter how bad things look stay on top of the situation! Keep believing God. Walk the floor and pray all night if you have to, but don't give up. Keep standing on the Word. Your dream may not be fully alive yet, but it's getting warm. Things are improving. God is moving. Your answer is on the way; don't give up until it arrives.

The excerpt above is from my aunt, wonderful lady! She sent it just when I needed it and am placing it because I want everyone to read and be blessed. I havent blogged in weeks because...i was frustrated, tired and fed up. You know how it is when you need God to do stuff and you cant seem to see results?, that's how i have been feeling. But lately I have learnt that God's speciality is making what seems impossible possible. Now, I am not frustrated anymore because I know when this phase is over, I am gonna testify!

Holla back.

Luv always!