Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Heart or Boobs

People wassup! I've not been blogging for a while because i've been tied up with stuff. You know now, a girl has to do what a girl has to do. I am back, better, and more daring (the tittle of this blog is a testimony o).

So what's the issue today? The issue is guys and their INFANTILE REGRESSION PROBLEM. Guys and their obsession with boobs. It's funny you know, when a guy is a baby he gets to be breastfed for about a year, he gets to savour his dear mother's milk everytime he whimpers, and even wails loudly when he his denied. When he eventually becomes a big boy he still cannot stop fantasizing about boobs. Isn't that Infantile Regression?

If you think am lying, watch out for a group of guys discussing, they could have been discussing the unending rivalry between Arsenal and Manchester United or the current political drama in the House of Representatives featuring Madam Patricia Etteh, but as soon as a hot babe walks past, the discussion instantly changes to the size of her boobs. Isn't that Infantile Regression?

My friend BJ was gisting me recently of all the qualities a girl has to have before he can date her, and top on his list was huge boobs so that he can have something to lay his head incase he gets tired of the pillow or the duvet. Na wa o! Girls, should guys grow up or what?

I heard this joke about a brother who met this sister in church, he dated her for a few months and they got married. His major reason of marrying the sister was because he thought she had huge boobs. Behold on the wedding night! the brother discovers the sister has been wearing padded bras to cover up for not exactly huge boobs. Men! the brother didn't find it funny o. I wonder if he would now tell her to go and do a breast enlargement or something. Nonsense!

Now, this is my issue. Guys, a relationship shouldn't be about the boobs but more about the heart. Let's focus more on the contents than the container.

I know some guys are getting ready to argue this issue. I welcome your views.

And just incase you think this blog is about advocating for ladies with small boobs, or that it applies to me, then you are kidding yourself.

Holla Back.

Luv always.