Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Monster and The Moon

As a young child, I remember sitting on the toilet seat staring at the wall and making images from the paint cracks. I would always see a monster in the wall, making faces at me and smacking. My wee-wee or poo-poo will immediately run away and I'll rush out of the toilet, shaking and unable to explain my predicament.

Then at night, when I am asleep the wee-wee will come back asking to be let out of my bladder. But then I'll remember the monster in the toilet wall and my body would refuse to be co-ordinated into standing up. Then comes morning and the bed is wet.

One fateful night, I had an experience that changed me. I went on a stroll with my aunt and as we walked I kept glancing up and noticing that the moon was going everywhere with me. When we got home, I asked my mum, " Why does the moon follow me everywhere I go? ", and she said, " Its because you are special and God is watching over you!"

After that, I would enter the toilet to wee-wee or poo-pooo and if the monster made faces at me, I would tell it to behave itself or else, I'll tell the moon to come and deal with it. Guess what? The monster is always afraid of the moon!

Over the years, I have seen that monster lurking around in my fear of failure, fear or uncertainties, fear of being broke, and several other fears. But I have been able to look the monster in its face and defend myself because I know the moon is watching over me.

That monster is fear and the moon is God.

Just in case that monster called fear is harassing you, creeping into your mind, putting you in a limbo and making you stagnant and frozen, remember that the monster is always afraid of the moon, and just harass the monster back!

Holla Back.

Luv always!