Friday, May 16, 2008


The moment i arrived in the U.K the first thing that hit my consciousness was the cold. The second was the fact that everyone seemed to be coupled, cuddling, kissing or chatting. Even the birds and rabbits seemed to be in pairs. At that moment i realised i was alone, all by my self, away from everyone and everything i am familiar with. So i made up my mind to make friends and what an adventure it has been.

I moved into my comfy flat and was glad to meet new people, my flatmates. Nice and friendly they are and the chances of us being fast friends seemed sure until they dropped hints that they are lesbians. The nastiest sights i have seen is ladies french kissing, and it is now a sight i behold daily. The door to that friendship was immediately shut. When you've tasted the lips of a man, you cant just help thinking kissing a woman is crazy. LoL

So i met a group of three from class, interesting people and we became fast friends. But i eventually had to break off because i discovered the friendship wasn't adding to me or multiplying me, it was dividing and subtracting me. I wasn't growing. I mean, one of them doesn't even believe in God. My initial action was to try to change the person's mind and we would end up in ceaseless arguments. I then realised that i cant change a person, only God can do that. Since i just wasn't feeling the friendship anymore, because we weren't on the same realm, i put a full stop to it.

Then this guy came along and we became good friends. I finally felt i had a friend. We would chat and share thoughts and ideas, i would gist him about all the guys that make passes at me, we seemed to be on the same realm. Eventually sha, the guy says he's fallen in love with me. In luv ke? I immediately told him it cant work cuz i love someone else. My last post was about feeding attraction....i was chatting away about my friend, the same scenario seemed to be playing out around me. Anyway, we still remained friends but guy still keeps keeping faith that something will happen. Recently, i had to break off the friendship cuz it just is not healthy, it was a bit painful to do, cuz i enjoyed being friends with the guy.
I have tried making friends in church. The single ladies are after the single guys and any female new comer is seen as potential threat. The married ladies have glazed smiles as they eye their husbands to make sure they are not making eye contact will any lady. Women don't trust women, so the room for genuine friendship is slim.
My classmates want to be friends with me cuz they think in their words that i am smart, they need a 'machinery'. The black guys i have met want to be friends with me cuz they are looking for free food, and maybe more, which they can never get, by God's grace. The white guys i have met want to be friends with me cuz they think in their words that i am hot, lustiest set of people. The single ladies in church don't wanna be friends with me cuz they think i am a potential threat, if only they knew i am in a relationship already. Married women can afford to relax, because i believe what you sow is what you reap, what would i need a pot bellied married man for anyway?

Right now, i just dey. Everyman for himself and God for us all.
Dr. ONB, i have heeded your summons o, i dont want your green eyes (in your dreams) turning to red. LoL

I have titled this post Untitled because i cant think of any title. I'm open to suggestions.

Luv always.

Holla back!