Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Going Bonkers!

Hi people. I ain't gonna ask how you are doing because am sure you're doing great.


You guys wont believe the kind of experience I had recently.

I went to one shopping mall like that, I was just chilling when I noticed a guy come out in one correct jeep like that. I must confess that this guy was really looking 'correct'. From his watch, to his shoes, oh! I mustn't forget his sunglasses, fantastic!
Anyways, I checked out his shirt, and men! I dropped my jaws and picked it after 60 seconds. In front of his shirt were large prints which said 'PROUD TO BE GAY'.
OMG! In Naija? I was seriously shocked. It was indeed a loss to all the damsels.

Its really thought provoking you know. Its like trying to reconstruct nature. If you don't believe me imagine a male dog mating with a male dog or two hens flirting! Absurd abi?

A friend of mine was chatting with her 7 years old girl cousin, who had come from Yankee to Naija for holidays. My friend asked her cousin to mention the names of her friends back in Yankee and it turned out they were all girls. In a bid to tease her cousin, my friend asked how come she didn't have any friend that is a boy. Guess what her cousin said, my friend's 7 years old cousin said that she didn't like boys because they are so yucky, and she preferred girls because they are pretty, and that when she grows up she will be gay. What exactly are some parents doing?!

Na wa o! God is probably looking down and thinking the world has gone bonkers.
(Hope I don't sound like am judging, just expressing my self, no offence abeg!)

God help us.

Holla back!

Luv always.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Drastic Action!

Hi Folks.
Today, I don't feel very gay. You know the naija thingy now, every thing just gets to you once in a while, the corrupt system and all, plus your own personal issues. Anyway sha, God dey!

However, inspite of how I feel today, I have decided to take a drastic action to uplift my spirit and to inspire everyone who feels as low as I do right now.

The drastic action is Thanksgiving!
1. I thank God for the fat rat in my dustbin, becuz it means I have food in abundance.

2. I thank God for the bumpy Naija roads. They've taught me life isn't a straight line graph.

3. I thank God for the nasty bus conductor. At least I have eyes to see him.

4. I thank God for when NEPA strikes. It has taught me to hope. Light will shine again.

5. I thank God for the guilt I feel in my heart when I do things I shouldn't. It means I have
a conscience.

6. I thank God for the times I face troubles. Those times have made me emotionally matured.

7. I thank God for people who don't know but think they know. They've taught me humility.

8. I thank God for friends I've lost. The loss has taught me to make God my friend.

9. I thank God for the cloudy sky, because somewhere there is a silver lining.

10. I thank God for those who think I can't amount to nothing. Becuz God is set to shock them.

I feel much better all ready. What's that funny something you want to thank God for?
Holla Back!

Luv always.

Monday, August 6, 2007

D'banj or Tuface?

Hi folks.
I am going to start today's blog with a confession.
I like fine boys!
Now, '
Fine' in Bukenzo's dictionary doesn't just mean looks, its a combination of charisma, potential, panache, charm and you know...intelligence with the right attitude. Now, don't start judging me or anything, am just being truthful. Okay, let me make self clearer. Its not like I have a crush on, or trip for fine boys like that, I just admire them. Simple. Cuz I know someone is probably reading this blog now and thinking...
Anyways, I recently heard a conversation between about who is finer and more talented,
Dbanj or Tuface? Wish you were there, but since you were not, i got excerpts for you.

Friend A: Dbanj is definitely the Koko. Why? because he is more refined and charming, plus he's got a very tight stage craft. He's been able to keep his passions in check, abi have you heard any pregnancy rumours about him flying around?
Tuface? we are not even sure he can construct a sentence in English without adding pidgin english. But Dbanj is just so so ...fine.

Friend B: Tuface is sure finer. Is it his fault that every girl wants a piece of him. Haba, never make the mistake of comparing Tuface and Dbanj, becuz they just are not in the same league. Dbanj is overly hyperactive, Tuface is more matured in everything, even his music is better. He is a charmer any day jare.

Lagos na wa! They sound like they are jobless abi?
But you know, realistically, who do YOU think is
'Finer' ? Holla Back!

Luv always.