Saturday, October 17, 2009

Waxing Philosophical

The welsh wind blew my wool scarf away. My braids secured with a frilly band freed itself and tumbled down, I swiftly ran my freezing fingers through to place them behind my ears...I didn't need a soothsayer to announce that winter had arrived in its freezing glory.

It made me think, seasons come, seasons go, time passes and you can't bring it back. I was young yesterday, today I'm older and will never be younger. The house I call mine will one day no longer be mine and my full brown hair will one day become grey. As a child I daydreamed about having lots of fashionable stuff, shoes, jewelry and fab clothes, some day far far away in the future, all that I have acquired I will have no need for. I can only pray that when that far far away day comes, people will remember me and smile...genuinely.

The thing about thinking like this is that it makes you wonder about how far you've come in life, have I achieved my dream, in the process or not even close, I'm I dating or have I've I married the prince charming I thot I'd marry or I'm I still single and waiting for him to arrive in his shining armour to sweep me away, have I started that business or have my ideas and talents taken me to the level I aspire to attain. Have I achieved my goals?

While some may be fortunate to have big fat yeses to achieving their goals, in the hearts of some wells grief wishing they could change the past.

Thinking like this makes you wonder why your friend with whom you played in the sand is high up the ladder while you are struggling to climb and maintain balance.

But then, I've found a solution to thinking like this. I remind myself that we have all boarded the bus called 'Life', and we have different bus stops and destinations. My friend may get to his/her destination before I get to mine, but If I endure the rickety roads, potholes and rough seats, I will definitely get to my destination and when I do I will have rest and fulfillment.

I do not wish to change the mistakes I made in the past, I will not wish away the difficult present, what I will do is see the future, strive towards making it a dream come true and call those things that be not as though they were.

I must also remember that fulfillment is not achieved my all that I acquire but the legacy I leave when I'm gone.

Abeg, pardon me for being so philosophical, I shall try not to be next time I update.

Its about 1 year and 5 months since I updated this blog, I apologise to everyone who's disappointed. My life has been busy with so many things taking up my time and thoughts, but now I have repented and I will update more often. My only fear is I might have lost followers of this blog who have also become friends. Anyways...God dey!

Luv always!

Holla Back


THIRTY + said...

Welcome back dearie!

Philosophy is good some of the time.

As per blog followers, all you need to do is just visit other blogs and let folks know are back.

Many people have left blogville sha.

simeone said...

you are not being philosophical for nothing..
nice post..
welcome back...

NoLimit said...

Welcome back!
I'm loving this post big time!

Bukenzo said...

Thank you so much for your kind comments, am spurred!

oluSimeon said...

hi bukenzo., where are you..? hope you good...